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I've always felt in my heart that I wanted to create and build great corporations. I'm currently leading multiple projects now but this is still just the beginning. I have a vision and a mission that I would like to share with you. This is my story...

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How it all began

I was born 1985 in a small town in Sweden. I was raised by my father living off a small income.

When I grew up we were one of few people still lighting fires for warm water and heating. I cleaned, did laundry and cooked by the age of 9 and had to become an adult at a young age. Going through hard times has made me unbreakable. When I was 12 years old I started selling hockey cards and I loved the feeling of holding cash I earned in my hands. I remember making around $200 at a trade fair feeling like I was king of the world. A feeling I have never stopped chasing since.

I also started working extra after school, building dams and doing janitorial work. When you grow up poor you become an expert at finding good excuses to why you can’t join your friends going to the movies or to the store to buy candy. You notice details other people don’t pay attention to and gain skill sets without even knowing it. These skills helped me later on as both a salesman and as an entrepreneur but as a 16 year old I still dreamed of playing hockey in the NHL.

The Journey

Successful people have to find their own way to create a path that leads their journey to success.

At the age of 19 I put my NHL plans behind me and started my very first company. I bought, renovated and sold apartments for profit. When I was 22 I started my first online business and after that it was one project after the other. I have run and sold multiple companies but not without failure. I learned that every failed project focused too much on the product and too little on actually selling it. I know now that everything starts and ends with sales no matter if it’s a physical or digital project.

Creating startups and running companies has not always been easy. I have had years in pure survival mode where I made $0 but you should never regret your failed ventures. Instead you should learn from your mistakes and use the experience as fuel to keep going no matter what other people say. If you are too afraid of failure you will never make it as an entrepreneur a businessman. You have to put in the work for countless hours to create your own path to success.

Sky is the limit

Many of my goals have been viewed as unrealistic but I believe in them and I will always follow my dreams no matter what.

I have worked with restaurants, nightclubs, advertising, sales, a wide variety of web-based projects and more but now my aim is limitless. As an entrepreneur I love the journey and to see how far we can go. Through the years I have learned that we ourselves decide our limitations. Whenever I start a new project, I like to create a 4 year plan because a dream without a plan is just a wish. It’s important to have ambition but you have to be able to organize and analyze the details to see what resources your project will need.

I’m now launching two large international corporations that I’ve patiently been working on for years. Patience is something I laced entirely for my first 10 years in the game. I wanted everything to happen NOW but thats is not how things works. You have to be smart and work strategically to succeed. It is not about who can run the fastest, it’s about who can run the smartest. I decided from a young age that I will never go broke again. The hard times made me who I am, unbreakable. Never let the past hold you back!

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