Here is my collection of brands

I love brands and domains, and I keep getting new ideas. Here's a collection of my favorites. Check and see if you find something inspiring or that you want to develop.

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  INTRODUCTION Caffelattehouse is a franchise concept for the coffee industry. Caffelattehouse can be used… Continue reading



  INTRODUCTION I’m convinced that in the future, traditional work will disappear almost completely. People… Continue reading


Home of the Cookiedough

  INTRODUCTION Home of The Cookiedough is a brand for a company in the sweets… Continue reading



INTRODUCTION NoCarbStore is a store name for a company in the fitness industry. As more… Continue reading


of Sweden

Of Sweden is a brand for the influencer industry. Of Sweden can revolutionize the entire influencer industry.



INTRODUCTION I believe that a startup bank will be standard in the future. A bank… Continue reading



INTRODUCTION TechBank is a bank name for the tech industry. The tech world is constantly… Continue reading


VR Brand Store

INTRODUCTION I believe that within 5 years, VR will be completely standard and will be… Continue reading



INTRODUCTION To be able to to duplicate a brand is a dream. With my Enkla… Continue reading



INTRODUCTION Waiterfy is a business name for a companies in the restaurant industry. The restaurant… Continue reading



  INTRODUCTION Ballsfit is a revolutionary form of training for anyone who loves ball sports…. Continue reading


VR AR Robot Brand Store

  INTRODUKTION This is a brand series that will be the future.,… Continue reading


Sales of Sweden

  INTRODUCTION Sales of Sweden is a brand in the sales industry. Sweden is known… Continue reading



  INTRODUCTION Wkndburst and (weekendburst) are an outstanding brand for the nightclub industry. The idea… Continue reading


Of Burgers

  INTRODUCTION A hamburger brand. Build a restaurant franchise around the name or a blog… Continue reading


Outside the box

  INTRODUCTION is a perfect brand for a Swedish media agency. Thinking outside the… Continue reading



  INTRODUCTION is a Swedish brand in the fitness world. Build a whole new… Continue reading



  INTRODUCTION A business name for a company in the influencer industry. Powrwomen can be… Continue reading