Nick Madsson

Author of Fitness for Hustlers

Fitness formula for high performers. Get more energy and increase focus.

It’s not about over-doing things. It’s about doing it right. Achieve a healthy lifestyle with more energy.

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What you will learn

  • How to eat right without changing your lifestyle

  • Easy and functional exercises with clear instructions

  • How to create sustainable routines instead of quick diets

  • How to utilize the two-choice principle

  • Motivating challenges and how to sleep better

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What’s included

See below what’s included in Fitness For Hustlers. The program will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle with more energy.
  • #1

    Fitness for Hustlers

    • Introduction

    • My story

    • Get more energy

    • Become happier

    • Goal setting

    • Mindset

  • #2

    Training program

    • Easy program

    • Before, after training

    • Cardio

    • 30 min program

    • 20 min program

    • 10 min program

  • #3

    Simple diet program

    • Easy diet program

    • 2-choice principle

    • Food choices

    • Impact of Sugar

    • Benefits of water

    • Guidelines

  • #4


    • Introduction

    • Better sleep

    • Optimizing sleep

    • Sleep faster

    • Sleeping routines

    • Guidelines

  • #5


    • Principles of abs

    • Goal setting

    • Calories

    • Diet program

    • Cardio

    • Training program

  • #6


    • 1 year challenge

    • 90 days challenge

    • 30 days challenge

    • Diet challenges

    • Alcohol challenge

    • Sugar challenges

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“The main thing is making minor adjustments that grant great results.”

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    No whining, no quitting, no excuses

  • Digital Poster

    It's all about commitment

  • Digital Poster

    Pain is fuel

  • Tools

    Goal Setting

  • Tools

    Sleep better

  • Challenge

    14 days sugarfree

  • Digital Wallpapers


  • Digital Wallpapers

    Become a game changer

  • Digital Wallpapers

    Pain is Fuel

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